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Green forests, beautiful hills and ridges with breathtaking views to multiple lakes and viral countyside invite you to visit Kangasala. Municipality of Kangasala is known of its rich culture and colourful history offering something for everyone all over the year especially when it is celebrating to its 150-year-old history as a independent municipality.

Things to do and places to visit in Kangasala

Things to do with your family, friends or just by yourself? We gathered few things to our list and no matter if it is winter or summer - these places are always a great choice to spend time and explore the culture of Kangasala.

There are two interesting car museums in Kangasala where the whole family can experience the exciting 100-year-old history of automobiles in the world. The local swimming centre called Kuohu is also a great place to enjoy swimming and sauna.

A great place to visit is known as the landmark of Kangasala - the grey stoned old church located in the middle of Kangasala town centre. The observation tower Kirkkoharju is located basically in the center of Kangasala, where you can visit and enjoy the magnificent views over Kangasala totally free of charge. It takes only few minutes to climb to the ridge and to the tower itself, but it is worth the effort. You will be rewarded with breathtaking views to multiple lakes, forest, fields and the town centre.

Two Car Museums - Multiple Observation Towers - Church Of Kangasala - Swimming Centre Kuohu

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While Kangasala is the 36 th biggest town in Finland if compared in population (about 30,000 inhabitants) there are about 11 times more people living in Tampere (Tampere Region 360,000).

Tampere is the biggest inland city in Northern Scandivanian countries.

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